Introducing Uncle Jonny’s VR

Hey! This is the first post on the Uncle Jonny’s Virtual Reality Podcast site. I’ll use this space to introduce myself and sketch out some of my ideas for the podcast.

No one calls me “Jonny” except my family, because I outgrew that name about the age of 12. But to my nieces and nephews, I’m still “Uncle Jonny.” And given the age gap between me and most of the people into VR, it seems an appropriate moniker for this venture!

Short bio: I’m a veritable VR and 3D graphics enthusiast, full-stack web developer, software engineer, successful entrepreneur, and teacher. I have a Fine Arts Degree from Syracuse University and a Masters Degree from the MIT Media Lab, founded several successful startups, and held technical leadership positions at major corporations.

I’ve been immersing myself in the technology and business of virtual reality, taken a really deep dive, details of my journey will no doubt come out in our conversations. I’ve been having a lot of good conversations about VR with some really interesting people, many of whom, if not most, have never really used VR and certainly are not “celebrities” in the emerging VR community. These are my people. That’s who I want to invite on this show.

We’ll talk about VR technologies and products like Oculus Rift and Cardboard. We’ll talk about VR development tools, like Unity and Blender. We’ll talk about new VR games and applications. But I’m not a huge gamer so it won’t be a game-trivia-fest like some other podcasts. We’ll talk about whatever else comes to mind.

Episodes will be limited to 30 minutes. No exceptions. I listen to a lot of podcasts and I appreciate the shorter ones, they’re much easier to consume. Possibly this will force us to stay focused and not ramble, but no guarantees of that!

There’s a lot of work left to get this off the ground, like intro music and figuring out a good publishing process. And get some listeners — you’d think that’d be important, but its actually not my first priority, I see this more like tweeting in that sense, we’ll throw it out there and if anyone wants to follow and join in, all the better.