Episode 20 – Is VR a Disruptive Technology?

Episode 20, October 17, 2015

It’s Fall in New Hampshire and we talk about the weather, disruptions in business and distruptive technologies. We also chat about Unity developer tools for terrains, 3D modeling and user interface widgets, with a shout outs to Immersive Interactive, Mike Alger, View-Master, Hololens and other things internet, VR and AR.

Show Notes

2 thoughts on “Episode 20 – Is VR a Disruptive Technology?

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  2. Great podcast guys! Great, thanks! In addition to all the great content you’ve talked about, you have given me an insight into a subject that I didn’t know of that looks really cool and interesting (Disruptive Innovation). We are definitely on the verge of a great change and it looks good 😀 Enjoy Fall, New Hampshire looks beautiful from Google Images.

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