Episode 45 – What is Mixed Reality? A Continuum

After a few month’s break we’re back. In this episode we take 5 minutes to catch up on things in our lives, including my new book “Augmented Reality for Developers” coming out next month. And then jump into VR and AR topics. We talk about Microsoft’s MR – Mixed Reality strategy and upcoming products for Windows 10 Creator Edition. We also discuss the Apple ARKit for iOS and the Google ARCore for Android. And other things VR and AR.

Episode 42 – What is wrong with Millennials? Nothing!

Episode 42 – What is wrong with Millennials? Nothing!

In this episode we go off topic and talk about a recent Simon Sinek video about why Millennials are worthless. But of course we also talk about the CES 2017 show, Oculus room scale, photogrammetry, and lots of other things VR and AR.

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Episode 38 – Local Radio Station Interview

Episode 38, August 13, 2016

Back in June I was interviewed as a guest on a morning talk show called “Chicks Dishing” at a local radio station, WLTN-FM, in the White Mountains region of Littleton, New Hampshire. In this episode I replay the show, about a half-hour. We were invited on air to promote a new local meetup group, the Littleton Tech Meetup, but we spent considerable time talking about virtual reality. It was fun framing the conversation for a general audience including people who probably have never seen or even heard of virtual reality and augmented reality.

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Uncle Jonny’s VR Podcast – Episode 2: A Brand Marketing Expert’s View of VR

Episode 2. May 15, 2015

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Today I’m joined by someone I’ve known all my life, literally, my cousin Gary Linowes, a brand-marketing expert and technology enthusiast who lives in Maryland. I was in town a few weeks ago and dragged him and his son to a DC Virtual Reality Meetup which happened to be scheduled while I was in town. I connected with him again this week to talk about his impressions and the business of VR.