Episode 38 – Local Radio Station Interview

Episode 38, August 13, 2016

Back in June I was interviewed as a guest on a morning talk show called “Chicks Dishing” at a local radio station, WLTN-FM, in the White Mountains region of Littleton, New Hampshire. In this episode I replay the show, about a half-hour. We were invited on air to promote a new local meetup group, the Littleton Tech Meetup, but we spent considerable time talking about virtual reality. It was fun framing the conversation for a general audience including people who probably have never seen or even heard of virtual reality and augmented reality.

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Episode 34 – HoloLens and Vive Just Fit, or Not

Episode 34, June 12, 2016

In this episode we give a critical review of our hands-on demo of the Microsoft Hololens last week in Boston. And then we read about how to fit a Vive headset to maximize optical quality and comfort. Along the way we also talk about other things VR and AR.

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Episide 25 – 2016 The Year of VR or Something

Episode 25, January 26, 2016

In this episode we casually chat about meet ups, hacking, book writing, VR headsets and other things VR (and non-VR too).

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Episode 18 – Conference Previews: Unity Unite 2015 and Oculus Connect 2

Episode 18, September 20, 2015

Today we look at the agenda of two big conferences happening this coming week — the Unity annual Unite 2015 conference in Boston, and the Oculus Connect 2 conference in Los Angeles. But first we chat about the search for Vive, an IGDA-NH meetup I attended last week, and other things VR.

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Episode 5: SVVR Followup, Conversation with Lisa Part 2

Episode 5. May 29, 2015

Today is Part 2 of the post-SVVR debriefing interview conducted by my wife Lisa as we discussed virtual reality and the SVVR conference with Jarrett and myself. This is the second half of the hour-long conversation, if you want to start at the beginning listen to Episode 4, or even Episode 3 where Jarrett and I had our pre-conference chat.

Episode 4: After SVVR, We Answer To My Wife

Episode 4. May 25, 2015

Today we answer to my wife. Seriously. After coming back from SVVR, my son Jarrett and I sat down with my wife Lisa (and his mom) as she asked us very insightful questions about the conference and the business of virtual reality. Our conversation went over an hour so I’ve split it into two episodes, this is the first half.

Uncle Jonny’s VR Podcast – Episode 3: The Day Before SVVR

Episode 3, May 22, 2015 


Today we listen in on a conversation Jarrett and I had last Sunday in the hotel room in San Jose, California, the day before the SVVR 2015 conference where we go over the agenda for the conference and talk about what we expect to see. It’s only about 15 minutes.

When we got home, we then recorded another conversation, joined by my wife Lisa who had lots of interesting questions about the conference. That went on for over an hour. I have a rule that I want to limit podcasts to about a half hour per episode. So i’m going to cut it into several episodes. But rather than dragging it out over several weeks, I’ll release them just a day or two apart. Who says you “have” to stick to a fixed weekly schedule? huh?