Uncle Jonny’s VR Podcast – Episode 3: The Day Before SVVR

Episode 3, May 22, 2015 


Today we listen in on a conversation Jarrett and I had last Sunday in the hotel room in San Jose, California, the day before the SVVR 2015 conference where we go over the agenda for the conference and talk about what we expect to see. It’s only about 15 minutes.

When we got home, we then recorded another conversation, joined by my wife Lisa who had lots of interesting questions about the conference. That went on for over an hour. I have a rule that I want to limit podcasts to about a half hour per episode. So i’m going to cut it into several episodes. But rather than dragging it out over several weeks, I’ll release them just a day or two apart. Who says you “have” to stick to a fixed weekly schedule? huh?