Episode 45 – What is Mixed Reality? A Continuum

After a few month’s break we’re back. In this episode we take 5 minutes to catch up on things in our lives, including my new book “Augmented Reality for Developers” coming out next month. And then jump into VR and AR topics. We talk about Microsoft’s MR – Mixed Reality strategy and upcoming products for Windows 10 Creator Edition. We also discuss the Apple ARKit for iOS and the Google ARCore for Android. And other things VR and AR.

Episode 44 – Horse Trading HMD’s

Episode 44 – Horse Trading HMD’s

Hello! And welcome to Uncle Jonny’s Virtual Reality Podcast, where we talk about what’s happening in the emerging VR tech world, and how to develop VR experiences. It is April 29, 2017, this is Episode 44, and I’m your host Jonathan Linowes with my son and co-host Jarrett Linowes.
In this episode we talk about the SVVR 2017 conference, Unity’s internal VR projects, working on my upcoming Power Solitaire VR game, recent Oculus announcements in VR and AR, Snap Spectacles, the process of developing software for VR, my upcoming book “Augmented Reality for Developers”, are VC’s interested in VR, why I just bought a HoloLens, and other things VR and AR.